…..you probably have a local store, a local beach and a local coffee shop and so now … a local art paper….

The Local Art Paper (L.A.P) was est. 2019 and is a curated arts news site generating from the South West of Western Australia.   We aim to bring you in depth interviews with artists exploring their ideas, influences and studio practices. This also includes art news, upcoming exhibitions, long forms and anything that peaks our arts interest.

We aim to be local and cover West Australian South West artists and local art events. Inspirations however are drawn globally.  

You will hear two distinct voices in the writing; we don’t always agree, and we see things differently but also the same- that’s why LAP works. We see our role as educational and advisory, to help artists grow through critical thought and engage with the field of criticism – talking about what they do and why they do it and enriching our world views as they go.

We would love to eventually be a paper which can be read whilst coffee is drunk but in our initial startup phase we will be online through WordPress and Instagram  

DP and JPB

All content and ideas within The Local Art Paper are the intellectual property of Daniela Palitos and Jenny Barr. Copyright 2023